How To Easily Tone, And Slim Your Flabby Triceps

Flabby arm is an embarrassing body part for some people, especially during the summer when you expose more skin than any time of the year. Many people understand some exercises to tone and workout the biceps. However, triceps workout is known to be very difficult.

How To Get Rid Of Your Flabby Arms By Toning Your Triceps?

Now, with the Body Shaper Machine, you can slim your arms and get rid those flabby triceps. This body shaper machine is designed designed to easily tone, and target those tricpets. You can a have a slim upper arm, without gaining bulky muscles.

How to Use Body Shaper Machine to tone your triceps

Before starting, place yourself in the recommended seating setup to avoid injury, and receive the fullest of your workout.
How to slim armshow to slim arms
  1. Turn the Body Shaper Machine upside-down like a "V" shape, and align your forearm along the wing with your elbow starting at the bottom of the pink silicone pad. Your elbows will seem close to each other, while your hands are farther away.
  2. Next, hold the Body Shaper Machine away from your body, by lifting your arms up to a 90-degree angle. Feet firmly planted on the ground and sitting up right, take a deep breath.
  3. Slowly exhale a deep breath while using your arm power to bring your hands together, similar to a praying motion.
    Tip: Squeeze the machine, using the power from your arm. Refrain from using your wrists, as it could potentially cause injury. As a workout for your triceps, it is more effective if you use the power of your arms as you also end up working other muscles at the same time.

  4. When you reached the middle, pause and hold your breath for a second. Then slowly inhale as you slowly relax your hands back to the starting position.
  5. Pause for a 2 3 second rest, and repeat exercise starting from Step 3.
During the workout you may notice your Body Shaper Machine beginning to gravitate closer to your body. To correct this, just raise your arms up at the 90-degree level.


Want to learn more about workout techniques for a better body workout? Check out our tips for body workouts to help you create a better workout session.


Top 5 Reasons To Try Body Shaper Machine

  1. Can be used anytime at home, the office, or during travel.
  2. Body Shaper Machine can tone & firm your chest, back, shoulders, hips, and thighs when used regularly.
  3. Adjustable tension to provide either a light workout or an intense workout.
  4. Portable and lightweight; anybody can use the Body Shaper Machine.
  5. Easy And Safe to Use.

How to easily tone, and slim your flabby triceps

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