How To Slim & Tone Stomach & Waistline

When it comes to weight loss, what do you think of? What do you want most? What will make you feel healthy? Sexy? Beautiful?

The one thing most associated with being in shape is often the one thing that is hardest to get: a slim waist.

Get a Slim Waistline Faster, Easier – and Having More Fun – with the Body Shaper Machine

A lot of exercises target other parts of the body so specifically, the waist, the most important part, often gets neglected! Too many workouts focus just on the hips, or just on the arms. The Body Shaper Machine works all of your body at once, and pays the necessary attention to your waistline.
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Your Waistline is the Most Important Part of Weight Loss and Getting in Shape!

Think about it. What part of your body has the most influence on your dress, pant and skirt size? What part is the most often measured and compared when dealing with weight loss?

Once you get your waistline down, your body will be transformed. You will have a new body, a younger, healthier, more fit and beautiful body. A slim waist will take years off of your age, and it will get you into those smaller sizes and latest fashion trends!

As your waist gets smaller, the rest of your body will follow suit, and you’ll be on your way to your goal weight and level of fitness.

Stop Trying to Handle Those Crazy, Over the Top Workouts!

Because the waistline is simultaneously the hardest part to slim and the most important part to slim, the workouts associated with making it smaller are often over-the-top cardio workouts that just aren’t realistic for everyone.

The key with working out is to push yourself in order to get that burn going, but not push your limits. You have to stay healthy and protect yourself against things like fatigue and muscle injuries.

These workouts can also be so time consuming and so inconvenient! They might require you go to the gym; they might be on a rigid schedule. The Body Shaper Machine frees you of schedules, having to travel somewhere just to exercise and all the inconveniences – you have to pay for a gym membership every month, while the Body Shaper Machine is just the payment at purchase!

Work out for free – it shouldn’t be any other way! Work out in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. You can even take the Body Shaper Machine with you, anywhere you need to go, even the office! Stop letting your workout dictate your life, and get the slim waist you want at the same time. The Body Shaper Machine will make you wonder who says you can’t have it all!

Why the Body Shaper Machine is the Right Choice for a Slim Waistline

  1. Portable, lightweight and convenient!
  2. Easy and safe to use – don’t ever hurt yourself again working out!
  3. Follows your lead: set on light or heavy intensity depending on your limits and goals!
  4. Works your waist while working the rest of your body!
  5. Effective: you will see your waist start to whittle away in no time!

How to Use Body Shaper Machine To Get A Slim Waistline?

This exercise is similar to the posture and pose of the Chest Exercise Routine. The exercise can be done either in a sitting or standing position. We have more information on recommended seating setup to avoid injury, and receive the best results.

how to slim waistline
  1. Hold the Body Shaper Machine in an "A" shape, and point it facing away from you, with the center pointing forward. It will look like you are about to do a dive.
  2. Grabbing the top-sides of the Body Shaper Machine, lay the palm of your hand down, then your wrist and your forearm; the inside of your forearms should be resting on the pink colored sides of the machine.
  3. Holding the Body Shaper Machine in front of you, sit up right and slowly inhale a deep breath while you apply inward force with your forearms.
    Tip: Go as straight as you feel comfortable. Never lock your arms or joints during a workout.

  4. When your arms are straight, pause and hold your breath for a second.
  5. Slowly exhale as you control the release back to the starting position, making sure your hands, wrists and arms are flat against the Body Shaper Machine.
  6. Pause for a 2 – 3 second rest, and repeat exercise starting from Step 3.

How To Slim & Tone Stomach & Waistline

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