How To Get Toned, Firm and Slim Arms

Flabby arms – is there anything more frustrating? It seems like we can lose weight and lose weight, more and more, in the rest of our bodies, but that weight just STICKS in the arms.

How To Get Toned, Firm and Slim Arms

Are you sick of your stubborn arm flab? You should be! You should also be happy to know, that you can fight back.

Everyone knows all too well the age old problem of flabby or out of shape arms. It can seem next to impossible to keep arms toned! You could have a toned body and your arm can still look flabby – and that can ruin all the hard work you do to get a fit body.

Arms are the most readily visible part of your body, especially in warmer weather. You’re constantly letting the world see your arms, and they can say a lot. Flabby arms say out of shape, older. Firm arms say toned, in shape, young, fit, healthy – gorgeous.
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Why are Flabby Arms So Hard to Get Rid Of?

You have to target the arms to get rid of that flab. Unfortunately, just exercising and losing weight won’t do the trick! And beyond just working the arms, you need to be able to work the triceps, too, instead of just the biceps.

But the Body Shaper Machine Can Help!

The Body Shaper Machine does what so many other exercises and exercise machines don’t: it works the triceps! Finally, you will be able to have the toned, firm arms you want and deserve. Your entire appearance will change. Your body will look uniformly in shape, toned and healthy. You won’t hesitate to go out in that sleeveless top – and you’ll turn heads when you do! Everyone will wonder how you keep your arms so in shape.

Don’t Want the Buff Body Builder Look?

A lot of workout routines for the arms lead to big, bulky muscles. That’s great for body builders, but most women don’t want that look to pair with their favorite fashions! In fact, that outcome keeps a lot of women from working their arms out – they’re afraid of that overly athletic look.

The Body Shaper Machine is unique in that, unlike other workouts, you pick the results you want. Why should it be any other way? It’s your body, you decide how it looks. The Body Shaper Machine features the option of picking the intensity, so you can get bigger muscles or just tone and slim your arms down to lean and feminine!

Get Lean Arms AND Target Other Parts of the Body – At the Same Time!

Is your workout routine long and time consuming because you have to do a million different exercises to target different parts of your body? Why waste your valuable time? The Body Shaper Machine will give you toned arms while working other parts of your body. Combine your workout.

Get lean arms and get on with your life! Plus, the Body Shaper Machine is portable and lightweight! It will always work on your schedule. Going away? Have plans after work?

Bring it on vacation, bring it to the office! Unlike a gym or a complicated workout, the Body Shaper Machine will never mean you can’t work out. You can work out as often as you want, and in no time at all you’ll be wearing tank tops, sleeveless dresses and bathing suits!

How to use Body Shaper Machine To Get Toned, Firm and Slim Arms

Before starting, place yourself in the recommended seating setup to avoid injury, and receive the most from your workout.
how to get slim armshot to get slim arms
  1. Point the top of the body shaper machine facing up towards the ceiling, making an "A" shape.
  2. Grabbing onto the topsides of the "A", lay the palm of your hand down, then your wrist and your forearm. When resting your forearm, turn it so that the inside of your forearm is flat against the wing.
  3. Sitting up right, raise the body shaper machine up with your arms at a 90-degree angle. Inhale a deep breath.
  4. Slowly exhale while contracting the machine, bringing your elbows towards the center.
    Tip: Your elbows do not have to reach all the way in the middle, but enough so that your forearm forms a straight line with your hands and wrists.

  5. When your arms are centered, pause and hold your breath for a second.
  6. Slowly inhale as you control the release back to the starting position, making sure your hands, wrists and arms are flat against the body shaper machine.
  7. Pause for a 2 – 3 second rest, and repeat exercise starting from Step 3.

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Retail $119
Now Only US $89
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