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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Body Shaper Machine

1. What is high-repetition exercise?

A repetitive exercise is a method for making delicate and long, but tight muscles by gradually turning your fat cells into muscle for an even toned look. Giving you a slim line through repetitious exercise, and use of lightweights, rather than of using heavy weights, which gives the look of puffing and bulging muscles. Controlled, paced movements during a repetitive exercise allow your metabolism time to burn carbohydrates and calories, for energy your body needs. This also allows a regular flow of oxygen and energy. Letting you exercise longer without exhausting yourself, or your muscles.


Body Shaper Machine

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2. Is three minutes a day enough exercise?

Three minutes is the minimum. It is important to stick to your exercise plan, even if it is for a brief period. While other aerobic exercises require a longer period of time, the Body Shaper Machine was designed to be portable and convenient for your busy schedule.


3. Can men use this?

Yes, so long as they don’t mind the pink color. The Body Shaper Machine is a multi-functioning exercise machine that can be used by both men and women to enhance muscular strength, and slim your body figure.


4. It looks so light, how fragile is the Body Shaper Machine?

The Body Shaper Machine may be lightweight, but it is also strong and durable. Simple and neat design, this exercise machine was intentionally made for women. Using the best silicone padding to suit the delicate female skin, and lightweight materials is all tailored to the safety and consideration of women.


5. How many times I have to exercise with the Body Shaper Machine?

Completely up to you. When using the Body Shaper Machine for the first time we recommend you exercise for less than a minute to gage your physical condition and capability levels. Once you are comfortable, begin doing 2 – 3 minutes of exercises, and then gradually extend it to 5 minutes. The goal is to increase the amount of exercise time day-by-day, or week-by-week, until you find a suitable exercise routine time.


How To Assemble The Body Shaper Machine

Hold the bottom part of the corrugated tube and insert it into the slot of the main body.
Hold the top part of the corrugated tube and insert it to the opposite slot of joint part... How To Assemble The Body Shaper Machine


FAQ – Body Shaper Machine

Body Shaper Machine
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