No More Arm Flab

No More Arm Flab

The arms arenít usually a part of the body that attribute to adding sexuality to the body. However, when arms arenít taken care of, they can certainly take away from the sexuality of the body, even though they come in way behind the breasts, hips, buttocks, and legs of the female body. The arms are the only part of the body that we can lay bare without embarrassment, or can we? Are you embarrassed of your flabby arms? Here is a great arm toning workout to get smooth, toned arms you will be proud to bear:

Great Arm Toning Workout

The most important part of the arm to work when suffering from flabby arms is the triceps, or back of the arms. This is where most of the fat gets deposited. Also, something to consider if you are suffering from flabby arms is to cut down on your overall body fat percentage.

Tricep Kickbacks- To do this move you need to have two lightweight dumbbells. Hold one in each hand with your palms facing behind you. Keeping your arms extended bring the weights behind you and up as far as you can go. Hold for a 2 count and slowly release back to starting position. To incorporate your legs as well you can get up on tippy toes when you bring the weights behind you to work the calve muscles.

Tricep Extensions- For this move you can use one heavy weight or two light weights. I will explain with the heavy weight but with the light weights just consider both of them equal to the heavy weight. Grab the weight with both hands, elbows bent behind your head. Extend your arms up, straightening the elbow and bringing the weight up over your head. Release back down behind your neck and repeat.

Dips- These can be done with a chair or if you can it works even better with monkey bars or at the gym with the parallel dip bars. I will assume you have only a chair. Grab the chair behind you with your hands and position yourself with bent knees in front of the chair. Bring your butt closer to the ground, using the strength of your arms to hold the body from falling and bring it back up to starting position.

Exercise ball close grip push ups- To perform this move, position yourself on your knees with your hands on the ball as if you were going to do a push up. Bring your hands together until your thumbs are touching, then bring yourself down and up like a push up.

No More Arm Flab

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