Sore Joints? Use This ROM Exercise

Sore Joints? Use This ROM Exercise

The range of motion, or ROM, is a medical term used to describe the amount of flexibility you have left in each joint, like the knee, the elbows, the hips and more. Stiff joints get that way from lack of use, so it is important in order to keep your normal range of motion in all your joints that you move them everyday. Normal daily tasks such as housework, climbing stairs, and walking around are not considered ROM exercises. If you have fallen behind in this task, try this great ROM exercise to help limber up.

ROM Exercise for the Knees

To strengthen and lengthen the muscles around the knee joint the best workout in the short arc. To perform this move, lie down on your back with your upper body propped up with your arms supporting it on the ground. Bend one knee with the foot on the ground and place a rolled towel under the other knee. Move the knee from bent to straight in a slow, strong movement. To make this move difficult, you can add a 3-5 pound ankle weight to the extended leg.

ROM Exercise for the Hips

To help the range of motion in your hips the best exercise is the hamstring stretch. To do this move lie on your back. Bring one leg up, using a towel or pillowcase behind your knee held in both hands, gently stretch the closer to your upper body. Hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds.

ROM Exercise for the Wrist

The wrist is a problem area for most office workers. To help with the wrist joint perform wrist extensions and flexions. With your fingers straight, bring your hand as far to the right as you can, then bring it back as far to the left. Repeat the motion, only this time with your fingers curled. Repeat with the other wrist.

ROM Exercise for the Back

To get more movement in your lower back, lie on your back with your knees bent. Slowly lower your knees to one side and twist your head to the opposite side. Alternating sides, repeat 20 times.

For more back range of motion, perform the Cat. Get down on all fours, push your back up and bring your head down and hold for 5 seconds. Then release and arch your back and bring your head up and back. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat.

Sore Joints? Use This ROM Exercise

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