Antioxidant Diet: Lose weight with Antioxidants

Antioxidant Diet: Lose weight with Antioxidants

Iím sure youíve heard of the superpowers antioxidants hold in regards to your health. They are the nutrients and substances in healthy foods that defend your body against much of the cancer causing free radicals that we ingest through our environment or the bad things we eat. However, did you know that an antioxidant diet is great for women using workout equipment trying to lose weight?

Best Foods to Use with Workout Equipment

When you are using workout equipment, your body needs extra antioxidants because you are stressing the body and using up the energy source. Through sweating you also lose a lot of necessary electrolytes. In order to make your weight loss through using workout equipment healthy weight loss, you must replenish the vitamins and nutrients in your system. This will also ensure that your weight loss is pure fat instead of a break down of muscles.

Workout Equipment Antioxidant List

Vitamin A(Carotenoids)- Carrots, broccoli, peaches, squash, cantaloupe, tomatoes, apricots, collard greens, kale, sweet potatoes

Vitamin C- Citrus fruits like limes, oranges, lemons, and grapefruit, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, green peppers

Vitamin E- Nuts, seeds, green leafy veggies, whole grains, some oils

Flavonoids- red wine, grapes, cranberries, certain teas, pomegranate

Lutein- rye, oatmeal, flax seed, barley

Selenium- red meat, eggs, chicken, garlic, fish, shellfish

Lycopene- cooked tomato products, pink grapefruit, watermelon

Co Q-10- fish, peanuts, spinach, beef

Cysteine- eggs, red meat, dairy and some grains

Zinc- oatmeal, nuts and seeds, eggs, parsley

To efficiently lose weight, you canít just exercise on workout equipment, you have to change the way to eat as well. Above is a list of foods you should incorporate into your daily diet. Try it out and see, along with using your workout equipment, eat 2 or 3 of different antioxidant foods with each meal and your body will start flushing out the fat like nobodyís business!

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Antioxidant Diet: Lose weight with Antioxidants

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