How to use Body Shaper Machine

Using air pressure to determine the level of strength, the nozzle can be adjusted to your preferred setting. The foam-padded wing of the Body Shaper Machine offers better grip, and prevents it from sliding around.

How to exercise with Body Shaper Machine?

Placing the Body Shaper Machine in the area you want to workout, as you contract your muscles to bring the wings together exercises both your target area, and the muscles around it. The objective of each workout is to provide a steady flow of repetitious movement, so to exercise your muscles at a pace that wonít exhaust or overload them.

How To Use Body Shaper Machine

  1. How To Get A Slender Shoulder Line
    The Body Shaper Machine will help tone your shoulder area, making it slender and giving you a more definite and sophisticated look on the collar line. And remember, you will...
  2. How To Tone & Firm Your Chest with Body Shaper Machine
    The Body Shaper Machine provides an easy and practical way to help you tone your chest muscles, and can be done almost anywhere. Itís great for women looking to firm...
  3. How To Easily Tone, And Slim Your Flabby Triceps
    Flabby triceps can be quite an embarrassing feature of the body for some people, especially during the summer when we expose more skin than any time of the year.
  4. How To Tone Stomach & Waistline
    Toning abs quickly is not easy, especially if you are overweight. The Best exercise to tone stomach muscles and waistline. What is the best way to tone...

  6. How To Get A Slender Back
    Use the Body Shaper Machine to tone and define your back muscles, and the sides just above the hipbone. A firm back is not only important for a healthy body, but it can also...
  7. How To Get A Slender Hips & Thighs
    While it specifically targets your hips and thighs, it also helps work out your stomach and butt muscles as you contract and control your muscle movements.
  8. How To Firm & Tone Legs
    Toned and firmed legs not only look great as you strut your stuff, but healthy leg muscles also strengthens your lower frame; improving your stability and support...

Tips when using the Body Shaper Machine

Based on breath, accurate action, and concentration of your mind on your body; here are three important tips to keep in mind when exercising with the Body Shaper Machine:
  1. Incorporating Yoga techniques and posture helps to give you better results from your workout.
  2. Slow, controlled movements build your muscle strength as you trim your fat by increasing your metabolic rate through repetition.
  3. Maintaining your posture during each exercise helps to tighten your core, and enhance your muscles that support your body. This will help to improve your overall body posture, which is crucial for a healthy physical body.

Body Shaper Machine

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Results you get from the Body Shaper Machine

  • Slim your hips & sides
  • Tighten inner thighs
  • Slender arms and shoulders
  • Firm & perky chest
  • Strengthen your back
  • Improve your posture
For more workout tips and information on getting started click here.

How To Use Body Shaper Machine

Body Shaper Machine
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